We dream things and say why not ?

we believe that access to electricity is the right of every human being. in fact we cant't always depend on some related parties to solve the problem, so we want to take action for them.

Design Engineering

We believe to develop the best solution is to customize every needs in simplicity and perfection.

Product Innovation

We think and innovate to develop product innovation to maximize efficiency and sustainability for every solution.

Renewable energy

We committed to use renewable energy for our solutions and accelerate society to renewable energy era.

Service Integration

We always see the bigger picture for every solution, so we integrate our product from design, build/install, education and also maintenance.

Cahaya Nusantara Program

Program Cahaya Nusantara is the first program initiatives for the young generation that has the opportunity to create a significant impact for the community in supporting their activities and lives towards a better future.

In the long run, we would like to see this program to evolve into a social movement that revolves around communities of people that loves and care about each other and the planet.

want to do something for our future ?