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Napu Village

Mei 2019

No Electricity

Do you know, more than 12.000 villages in Indonesia is currently living without electricity?


More than 1 Gigawatt of electrical power is needed to energize those villages.

Pure Happiness

Those villages are full of children that love to read and study. Living their lives with pure happiness on their face.


Full of Men, that tirelessly working to provide their family.


And Women that full of cherish, who creates various arts and crafts. To help their family, living their life, day by day.


After all, their contagious smile will welcome you into their warm communities. That same smile that bravely facing the future without a slight bit of darkness in their mind.

We can help them

Those people, reflects almost the purest form of happiness.


Even without electricity current, they live their life with full enthusiasm, no matter how hard it is. Imagine if it didn’t have to be that way, imagine if, within the power of us, we can help them live the best life they can imagine.

Our program's main goals


Promote the economy of rural villages in the country


Improve the quality of education and health


Encourage economic productivity, social and cultural development of the rural areas


Facilitate and accelerate rural communities to obtain information from electronic media and other communication media


Community development and training

But the most important thing, we're ready to take risk for giving them a chance to have a better life.

We need your help

Even with all our might, we can only accommodate a few. With you, we hope to accommodate much more residents and people. We need you to help us achieve our vision sooner, and better.

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