How to join our cause

The solution we offer is to build a simple system package that can bring lights to every home that until now live without
access to electricity.
Using solar panels and energy saving lamps and battery, it can provide 3 light bulbs, radio and charging station for communication
Here’s some way to contribute with us.

1st. Project Donation

If you are an NGO, Foundation, or Company that have the same concern, we are looking forward to collaborating with you to light up secluded areas in Indonesia.

We offer to help you manage your CSR funding or social projects within the same cause spectrum. Our competence and your resources will give our people the best impact in their lives, through accessible electricity

2nd. Collaboration

If you have any product or properties that is dedicated to environmental and social causes, we can help you and collaborates with you in terms of renewable energy enablement. Together, we can create a better social solution with renewable energy.

3rd. Endorse our cause

We have a fundraising project called #EnLightenUp, we create and sells a series of stuffs that helps you to reduce waste that harms the environment.

You can buy it on here Not only it helps you to reduce the harm that is done to our planet, but 30% of it’s also revenue will go straight to our Cahaya Nusantara Project. What do you wait, starts now to make a change with us?

#EnLightenUp Straw