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DC Grid

Modern electric generator units e.g. wind turbines, hydro-generators, as rotating systems, are running with higher average efficiency at variable frequencies, compared to the fixed frequency, adapting to the supply of power/energy on the generator input. In the variable-speed mode, the excited voltage with variable frequency at the generator output must be rectified to provide voltages independent of generator speed. Thus, distributed and various generator units with different variable frequencies will stay stable when connected to DC-grid.

Smart Grid

The Smart Grid represents an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy industry into a new era of reliability, availability, and efficiency that will contribute to our economic and environmental health. During the transition period, it will be critical to carry out testing, technology improvements, consumer education, development of standards and regulations, and information sharing between projects to ensure that the benefits we envision from the Smart Grid become a reality.

Power Conversion and Power Electronics

mergence of power electronics for the power conversion. On the power generation side, voltage converters and voltage inverters deliver the appropriate voltage magnitude and shape into the electrical grid and various loads. They help to compensate for variable frequencies during voltage generations, decouples the main grid from various generators with different excitation frequencies.The power electronics can be applied in the transmission and distribution grids as voltage transformers, either as step-up or step-down converters.

Program Cahaya Nusantara

Program Cahaya Nusantara is a series of social initiative programs in the form of
collaboration between several startups that have specifications in support of the
sustainability of this program. Program Cahaya Nusantara has the initiative to
provide electrification systems in rural area and villages that have not gained
access to electricity by using solar panels in photovoltaic systems in every
resident's home. After the installation process is completed within a pilot project
area, this program will be documented and published as a momentum to invite
other parties who wish to participate in the next Cahaya Nusantara Program.