Helios System

Weston Helios System is our first innovation product for electrifying remote area. we called this system a Nano Grid system, means this system used for individual Household usage. This innovation created for our concern in the remote area that still does not have access to electricity. That’s why the helios system is a one-stop solu1on for a remote area to provide pre electrification needs (3 lightbulb, 2 plug of mobile charging for communication and radio for information).

Power Conversion and Power Electronics

Mergence of power electronics for the power conversion. On the power generation side, voltage converters and voltage inverters deliver the appropriate voltage magnitude and shape into the electrical grid and various loads. They help to compensate for variable frequencies during voltage generations, decouples the main grid from various generators with different excitation frequencies.The power electronics can be applied in the transmission and distribution grids as voltage transformers, either as step-up or step-down converters.

Program Cahaya Nusantara

Program Cahaya Nusantara is the first program initiatives for the young generation that has the opportunity to create a significant impact for the community in supporting their activities and lives towards a better future.